We believe in teamwork, empowerment and effective communication

Getting buy-in from school administrators, teachers, parents and students is essential for online courses to succeed. That’s why we’ve placed a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of each group.

  • School Administrators – Each course, section and lesson clearly identifies course standards and objectives. Easily track student performance across all of the schools in your district.
  • Teachers – We want to empower you to focus on teaching and interacting with each student’s individual needs. That’s why we’ve placed such a strong emphasis on putting together lesson plans, course standards, grading tools and an intuitive interface for you. You’ll stay organized and easily monitor student progression.
  • Parents – We want you to be involved too. Each course has a parent component that prompts your child to engage with you for feedback, discussion and advice.
  • Students – Each course is written and designed with you at the core. You will be challenged, engaged and inspired throughout each lesson. You will find the courses easy to navigate and the interface easy to communicate with other students and teachers.

Engaging Content

Content isn’t king. Incredible delivery AND content is king. Students love how our courses meet them right where they are. Whether it’s through a meaningful story, thoughtful questions or an engaging video or podcast, we’re hearing from countless students how they’re actually growing throughout the course. We’d love to share some of these success stories with you…

Teacher vs. Student-Led Learning

Many schools are shifting their focus from teacher-led classes to student-led. This provides Purpose Prep with a unique opportunity as we are able to seamlessly integrate into either learning environment. We build in capacity for teachers and administrators to facilitate each course while keeping the student the focus of discussion elements.

The One-On-One Experience

Contrary to what many believe, online courses actually provide more opportunity for one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. Giving students the freedom and tools to text or video chat their teacher creates an ongoing dialog that’s difficult to replicate in the classroom. Our technology makes it easy to break down communication barriers and empower students and teachers to create one-on-one meaningful relationships.

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