A transformative and life changing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum For schools, teachers and students.

What Is Purpose Prep?

Purpose Prep is a premier K-12 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum and service provider committed to bringing evidence based, media rich and relevant curriculum into every school and district in the world. Purpose Prep is transforming learning for students, teachers and leadership through its dynamic model called “The Whole Human,” preparing humans for learning, career, relationships and life.

Prevention & Intervention Library

Purpose Prep has developed over 1,000+ hours of instructional content delivered through dynamic videos for K-12. With more content than any competitor Purpose Prep is perfect for students coming from all walks of life needing purpose and SEL.

K-12 Complete Solution

Purpose Prep is the only solution that serves students Kindergarten to 12th grade with dynamic video based curriculum taught by over 80+ Purpose Experts like social workers, celebrities, pro athletes, counselors, teachers and students!

Blended Learning

Easy to use curriculum allows teachers to facilitate modern learning classrooms.  Flexible electives fit within multiple semester blocks, summer school or after school credit recovery programs.

Professional Development

On-site training and e-learning courses for teacher and staff leadership development.


Purpose Prep's Vision

We prepare students for college and life through modern curriculum that connects personal experiences and belief systems to actionable and attainable goals.

4 Pillars Of Student Success

Personal Development

Students will gain vital planning, organization and communication skills that empower them to reach their goals.

College & Career Readiness

Students will improve their readiness for college and postsecondary success using innovative tools and techniques.

Leadership Development

Students will develop a range of leadership abilities and skills that will affect change among their peers and in their community.

Innovation & Technology Training

Students will improve their knowledge base of emerging technologies, idea development and social and commercial entrepreneurship.

What’s Different About Us?

Purpose Prep provides a dynamic online learning experience for the 21st Century student. The internet is the #1 interaction medium for today’s student and our interactive courses bring learning right into their comfort zone. We take pride in our dynamic content and platform and place a strong emphasis on creating challenging and engaging courses. By focusing on the development of the student themselves we are able to instill a passion, drive and purpose for excelling in all areas of their life.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Online learning can be complicated. Simplify it with Purpose Prep.

Our classes can be used for semester electives, as a proactive and restorative justice solution or incorporated into your at-risk training and credit recovery programs. Courses are offered 100% online or as a customized blended-learning experience. The bottom line is that we are a partner, not a vendor. Your success is our success.

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Develop Yourself: Passion & Purpose

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What Types of Course Are You Looking For?

Purpose Prep ensures a cutting edge, robust and relevant learning experience. Personalize your education and thrive in the digital age with Purpose Prep today.

Make an investment into your students that you’ve wanted to long ago. Let us service you by changing the lives of your students from the inside out. Learn below on why students love Purpose Inc. created courses.

High School Courses

Offering online and hybrid learning opportunities right to your fingertips. Explore how leaders and educators from around the world come together and prepare students for their future.

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Middle School Courses

Through Purpose Prep’s courses parents, students and educators can customize learning plans to meet the needs of transitioning students into High School while developing important skills for life.

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Professional & Adult Learning Courses

Online and on-site professional development courses that enrich the teacher, staff member and leadership role so they can better prepare students for an innovative, changing and digital world.

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