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What Is Purpose Prep?

Purpose Prep transforms the student learning experience by resourcing K-12 educational leaders, districts and schools with innovative and engaging solutions in four categories:
Online Learning

Personalized learning courses provide engaging content and practical application focused on both cognitive and emotional learning to develop the whole child.

Restorative Practice

Need help with disciplinary policy? We offer proactive and restorative justice solutions for at-risk students. 

Blended Learning

Easy to use curriculum allows teachers to facilitate modern learning classrooms.  Flexible electives fit within multiple semester blocks, summer school or after school credit recovery programs.

Professional Development

On-site training and e-learning courses for teacher and staff leadership development.


Purpose Prep's Vision

We prepare students for college and life through modern curriculum that connects personal experiences and belief systems to actionable and attainable goals.

The 4 Pillars Of Student Success

Personal Development

Encouraging students to think differently, know themselves and grow through personal development.

Career Development

Delivering students real world solutions, advice from experts and resources for career exploration.

Leadership Development

Assisting each student's ongoing journey of self-discovery as the leader of their life and influencer over others.

Innovation Development

Teaching students how to adapt and advance in an evolving and disruptive world of innovation, technology and artificial intelligence.


What’s Different About Us?

In our interactive, customized, online learning classes what differentiates us from other competitors is the dynamic learning model we've created within each class.

Each class contains educational rigor and proof of master of concept for the learner through assessment quizzes, refined learning objectives and success criteria, different learning models such as video, podcasts, audio teachings, multiple choice, short answer, true and false, writing assignments and project to create. We've created a rounded experience that assess the students ability on all levels in the hierarchal of learning. We also bring in many of the worlds brightest and greatest earners, learners, achievers and successful leaders to teach.


What We Do For Students:

Purpose Prep creates credit bearing online classes in these four learning pillars to help develop the student as a healthy, growing, thoughtful leader of society. Our classes will enhance emotional intelligence, life skills, habits, critical thinking, career pathway development and the overall development of the students purpose in life.

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Built On Purpose

Purpose Is The Difference.

Purpose Prep empowers young people to unleash their full potential in life by facilitating a step-by-step engaging learning experience to develop the whole student. We do this by helping them think differently about their personal development, understand themselves as the learner and leader, be educated on real world career situations and options and be able to adapt and advance into the ever evolving and disruptive world of innovation, technology, and artificial intelligence.

What’s The Usability?

We’re proud of the usability and ease of use of each Purpose created class.

Our classes can be used for semester electives, proactive and restorative practice and justice, At Risk training, credit recovery and can even be offered 100% online or customized for a blended learning experience. Ask us about our others services we are constantly updating or developing: The K12 Suite of Online Classes, Professional Development for teachers and staff, Digital Convergence Consulting and professional speaking.

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