Every Student, Teacher and School Has A Purpose

Purpose Prep empowers students to reach their full potential by facilitating an engaging learning experience that develops the whole child. We do this by helping each student think differently about their personal development, understand themselves as a learner and leader and improve their college and career readiness.

Here's why you should choose Purpose Prep:

The Whole Child

While technical skills might get a students foot in the door, it's their people skills that will open the door wide open. It is crucial that students develop the work ethic, attitude, emotional capacity and drive that are crucial for career success.

Advisory Board

Purpose Prep's diverse and dynamic Advisory Board endorses and adds value to our course content and is invaluable in keeping our focus relevant and in lockstep with educational trends.

Double Dip

Our courses provide the unique benefit of doubling as both a restorative justice solution and an engaging academic elective. At-risk or advanced placement students can each benefit from our course curriculum.

“Now I have a plan and not just a goal for my future”

- Student

"What have you done with my child? They are positively changing.”

- Student Parent

"They exceeded our expectations. I’d recommend this to every school”

- School Superintendent

The Purpose Prep Vision

Our vision is to supply every district and school with the tools to help students build life skills for academic success.


School districts to adopt and utilize Purpose Prep courses


Public and private schools would experience the life-changing power of a Purpose Prep course


Students will have the chance to grow and develop as a learner and leader

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